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A Medicaid professional consultant helping an elderly woman to protect her assets and money from the nursing home spend down.

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Medicaid Consultants guarantee that you will reduce your nursing home costs. You may save $100,000 or more in nursing home costs. We urgently advise that you speak with our Medicaid experts BEFORE you send in your Medicaid application as you have one chance of submitting the information correctly. However, do not lose heart if you've already submitted your Medicaid application as you may still save money and save yourself from the Medicaid spend down process. Therefore, we strongly advise that you call us and we will help you in the Medicaid process.

Medicaid help is available to you from our experts who are versed and knowledgable of the Medicaid regulations that specifically apply to your state as each state's rules can be different. These differences of rulings can have a significant weight for determining your Medicaid eligibility status. Each of our Medicaid experts will visit you at your place of residence and assist you every step of the way. We will help relieve you of all the stress when applying and save you a considerable amount of time it would take to fill out your Medicaid application form properly.

Our Medicaid staff will inform you of your rights during the Medicaid elgibility process. Call us as your initial consultation is always free. You will not receive any sales pressures or tactics by our consultants. Rest assured you will only receive friendly and professional Medicaid advice.

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