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A Medicaid professional consultant helping an elderly woman to protect her assets and money from the nursing home spend down.

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Who are the Medicaid Planners and Consultants:

Medicaid planning is particularly complex because the rules vary from state to state and many times from county to county. The rules change every year and often times every month. You need an expert that knows the specific rules in your region and is updated monthly on changes in your state. Medicaid Consultants is a network of local expert coach advisors that can tell you exactly how much you can save down to the dollar based on your state's current rules. Our Medicaid consultant coaches are carefully chosen and trained experts with at least 10 years of experience. We do not allow our consultant to pay to be part of our network. They are prescreened and trained by our expert team and they only become part of our group when they exhibit an expert status. They are thoughtful and careful with your needs and sensitive information. Finally, they will help you save the most money legally and ethically available to you by law. Contact us now: (877) 21-MEDICAID or (877) 216-3342

Our parent company, Estate Street Partners, addresses "your problem of wealth" when applying for Medicaid. We believe it is our duty and obligation to use the laws written to our client's advantage and provide the best advanced solutions legally available. Our core business competency lies in complex financial issues. We don't sell insurance, mutual funds, stocks, etc. and, we don't have canned "catch-all" solutions. As advisors, we have developed a worldwide network of strategic "hands-on & real world" relationships from the legal, accounting, and tax professions from the domestic and international realms. Our operating strategy is to leverage our collective knowledge and financial engineering resources, providing you with competent professional strategies designed to protect your assets from exorbitant nursing home costs, probate and estate taxes. You will receive tax efficient wealth transfers to your next generation.

Managing Partner, Medicaid Consultants (Estate Street Partners, LLC)
  • Certified Wealth Preservation Planner
  • Certified Master Mortgage Broker
  • Certified Asset Protection Planner - Designated Rating Level "AA", Offshore Asset Protection Rating Level "O", Global Asset Protection Rating Level "G"
  • Award-Winning Estate & Trust Planner
  • MS - Taxation, Master of Science in Taxation
  • MBA - Management / Taxation
  • BSBA - Management / Accounting
  • CPA - Certified Public Accountant
  • International strategist of complex business transaction
Rocco Beatice, Managing Director of Medicaid Consultants. Parent co. Estate Street Partners.

Mr. Beatrice Sr. travels extensively to gain firsthand knowledge and experience, across boundaries, building strategic real world channels and providing advanced uncommon solutions that you don't currently have. "Knowledge" is "hands-on and real world experience."

Awards, Certificates, Degrees of Rocco Beatrice Sr.:
Certified Wealth Preservation Planner

As a designated Certified Wealth Preservation Planner thorough knowledge of the following topics is required to help protect, grow and preserve my client's wealth:

ESOPs, Life Settlements, Reverse Mortgages, Life Insurance, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Gift Annuities, Family Foundations, Qualified Pension Insurance Partnerships, Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts, A/R Financing/Leveraging, HRAs, HSAs, Corporate Structure and many more topics.

Certified Asset Protection Planner

The Level "AA" rating is for advisors of all kinds who know domestic asset protection planning, but do not draft legal documents. In order to receive a Level "AA" Rating, the advisor must prove to the APS® (Asset Protection Society) Board that they have sufficient knowledge to provide competent advice to clients when it comes to protecting their wealth and assets. The easiest way to prove to the APS® Board that an advisor has sufficient knowledge is to become certified by an educational entity which deals with asset protection. The only current educational institute which provides such education is The Wealth Preservation Institute through its CWPP® (Certified Wealth Preservation Planner) and CAPP® (Certified Asset Protection Planner) designations.

The Certified Wealth Preservation Planner certification is the only "advanced" certification course for preserving wealth of high income and high net worth clients in the United States. The Certified Asset Protection Planner certification is the only Asset Protection designation in the United States for high-net worth individuals and companies.

Offshore Asset Protection Rating "O" - Some asset protection planners are proficient in using domestic structures to protect a client's wealth. As readers will find out, the best asset protection plan for liquid dollars (stocks, mutual funds, etc) is an Offshore Asset Protection Trusts (OAPT).

Advisors can obtain a Level "AAA," "AA," or "A" rating, but if you do not see an "O" as part of their rating, the advisor is not proficient or knowledgeable enough in the area of offshore planning to merit the "O" rating. An "O" rating means the advisor knows the benefits of offshore planning and can communicate that to clients and the their other advisors.

Global Asset Protection Rating "G" - Most asset protection "gurus" who really do know their stuff, focus on core domestic or offshore asset protection tools like Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and Offshore Asset Protection Trusts (OAPTs).

The APS® (Asset Protection Society) was created to make the public aware of ALL of the creditors who can take their money/assets and list the advisors who can help protect clients from ALL such creditors.

Advisors can obtain a Level AAA, AA, or A rating, but if you do not see a "G" as part of their rating, the advisor is not proficient or knowledgeable enough in the "other" areas of asset protection to merit the "G" rating.

Certified Master Mortgage Broker

The Master Mortgage Broker course is the only "Advanced" education/certification course in the industry for mortgage professionals or for other non-mortgage professionals (financial planners, insurance agents, CPAs/EAs/accountants, attorneys, etc.) who desire to learn about mortgages.

The MMB™ teaches important topics that have to do with real estate. Topics such as charitable planning to defer or reduce the capital gains taxes on the sale of real estate or Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts (IDGTs) which help with capital gains tax planning.

The MMB™ allows advisors to be seen more as mortgage problem solvers on multiple topics rather than an advisor who shops only on mortgage interest rates.

Additional Qualifications of Rocco Beatrice Sr.:
Director, Medicaid Consultants (Estate Street Partners, LLC)
  • BS, MBA
  • BS (Magna cum Laude honors) - Finance and Quantitative Studies
  • MBA - Analytical Finance & Accounting
Rocco Beatice, Diretor of Medicaid Consultants. Parent co. Estate Street Partners.

Mr. Beatrice Jr. is the Director of Estate Street Partners, LLC; a Boston based, financial engineering consulting firm. Additionally, he is the Managing Member of Vertex Management Group, LLC; a Boston based, financial and marketing consulting firm.

In 1999, Mr. Beatrice Jr. earned his Bachelor of Science degree with Magna cum Laude honors with a concentration in Finance and Quantitative Studies from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. He went on to earn his Master of Business Administration majoring in Analytical Finance & Accounting from The University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business in Chicago, Illinois in 2006. Prior to his studies at the University of Chicago, Mr. Beatrice Jr. worked at Constellation Energy as a Sr. Power Trader. There he led his team of 6, with an astounding accountable 34% profit in 2002.

In 1998, Mr. Beatrice was bestowed as an Honorary Citizen of the City of Newton, Massachusetts for saving the lives of a family from an arson-related fire.

"Information" does NOT equal "knowledge."

"Information" is extensive and available at your fingertips, in libraries and the internet.
Competent working "knowledge" takes years of hands-on experience.